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This is a proactive ecosystem

Living Riviera is an ecosystem where entrepreneurs and companies contribute to the relaunch of
the territory through initiatives, projects and collaborations, to foster a
ethical, human and professional growth.

The leading consulting company for SMEs in Italy. OSM sees the company as the entrepreneur-mirror: they support their leadership skills, improving their entrepreneurial skills and self-motivation.

OSM generates a positive impact on the entire company team, achieving a greater autonomy of human resources, and an interesting and tangible increase in revenues.

If you are looking for the optimal company beverage & food distribution field, Blubai is your best choice to guarantee quality and efficiency, together with a rich proposal of beers, wines, soft drinks, waters and spirits, but also fish, meat and food.

Since the 1970s, the company represents one of the main excellences in the territory, thanks to the professionalism and the centennial experience in the industry. The innovative strategies make it possible to obtain maximum customer satisfaction, not only through distribution, but also assistance and consultancy in the beverage & food operations.


Trona is a Made in Italy brand appreciated all over the world for its ability to offer comfort and design with a unique style.

Thanks to its top quality materials and the high customization capacity, Trona combines the resistance needed outdoors with the essential elegance indoors.

A team of professionals who create digital projects, video and photographic content to promote products, communication strategies and staff training services.

RBC communicates in a gestural, emotional and spiritual way, creating new solutions to old problems thanks to intuition and instinct.

With more than 30 years of experience in the beverage distribution sector, Essepi establishes itself as a qualified and dynamic company, which works alongside customers to ensure assistance and growth.

Dynamism, research and innovation characterize the company, which can offer a wide range of products that meet the needs of customers and a constantly evolving market.

Since the 1950s, CIL Lavanderia has been offering quality and professional services in the industrial laundry sector, representing a trusted partner for the major accommodation facilities in the Romagna and Marche regions. The expertise of the specialized staff and the innovation of state-of-the-art equipment allow the company to guarantee a quick and punctual service, aimed at healthcare facilities, hotels and restaurants.

The main activity is the laundry service which includes the rental of linen, but you can also take advantage of washing, ironing, folding, home delivery and collection.

Di Santo Representation is a family business that has been operating in the industrial laundry sector for over 30 years, basing its work on the efficiency and seriousness that has always distinguished them. In collaboration with Pieri Group, a leading company in the cleaning sector, and CIL Lavanderia, a historic group with more than 50 years of service, they offer consulting services for the sale and delivery of linen.

The mission is to provide catering and hotel businesses with the best possible service, contributing to the performance of their professional activity in the fastest and most impeccable way.